Random Una-ism's:

  •  every one person can make a difference, and that everyone should try.

  •  dinner shouldn't be complicated and that sharing a meal with loved ones is one of the greatest ways to end the day.

  • Every child should grow up with a dog.

  • Get out!  Explore your world.  It may just be around the corner, but there is a whole globe of amazing and incredible;  people, trees, lakes, flowers, bakeries, canyons, oceans, vineyards, mountains, cafe's, boots, breweries.....to covet and enjoy!

  • all sizes, shapes, ages and cultures are simply amazing!  Meet them!  greet them!  enjoy what they have to offer!

  •  Reading anything and everything is a little education each and every day.

  • Dance in the rain!  run through puddles!  Laugh and be silly as often as possible.

  • Live each and every day with passion, if you are not excited to get up and seize the morning, it is time to re think the way you live.

  • Life is precious, life is short.  Say "i love you" as often and as frequently as you can.  Give compliments generously, speak from your heart.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

rocks phu quak
IMG_0122_2 (1)
Friends on the reef
windswept rain coast
Temple Ruins Turkey
grand canyon
Two Balloons from Air
About Me

Not one to ever do well following directions, I am your typical OCD gal who makes just about everything from scratch, travels with wide eyed optimism, and believes that miracles happen each and every day. A realistic optimist...if there every was such a thing, you will find in Una.


Join me as I continue to explore our amazing planet, have unabashed enthusiasm eating and drinking my way through incredible cultures, and encourage acts of kindness whenever possible.

what do YOU seek?

Dream, Explore, Discover ...Thanks for joining me - Una