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Hello - Bonjour - Hola - Gooday - Ciao - Aloha -  Hallo  -Nin Hao - Shalom - Sawubona  -  Zdrah Stvooy  -  Ola  - Namaste  - Sain Baina Uu


We all have an incredible story, mine began with an Estonian Father and an Irish Mom who chose to bring me up on an island in the Puget Sound.  It sounds a tad obscure, but I bet, YOUR story is just as surreal.  


Though I have been married, as well as divorced; defined as a mom, a friend, and an employer; have changed diapers, paid mortgages, and buried loved ones....the one never changing constant in my life; explore your world.  Discover the street around the corner and the village three thousand miles away.  Don't let anyone or anything define you, and likewise don't pre define who and what you don't know.  Everyone has an amazing story, and learning those stories is truly what makes our lives complete.


What would you do if you were not afraid to fail? 

rocks phu quak
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Friends on the reef
windswept rain coast
Temple Ruins Turkey
grand canyon
Two Balloons from Air
About Me

Not one to ever do well following directions, I am your typical OCD gal who makes just about everything from scratch, travels with wide eyed optimism, and believes that miracles happen each and every day. A realistic optimist...if there every was such a thing, you will find in Una.


Join me as I continue to explore our amazing planet, have unabashed enthusiasm eating and drinking my way through incredible cultures, and encourage acts of kindness whenever possible.

what do YOU seek?

Dream, Explore, Discover ...Thanks for joining me - Una