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I Left My Heart in WA

Oh sure, you are thinking WA as in Washington State. Sorry, my dear friend. I am referring to Western Australia. I fell in love with this incredible state back in 2005, during my first trip "down under". Flying into Sydney was incredible, but paled in comparison to the rest of the continent. Driving the circumference of this fine country was absolutely stunning, desolate and fabulous all at the same time.

Sure you have all heard of the Great Barrier Reef, and yes, it is pretty awesome. Perhaps even Ayers Rock, also pretty damn cool (and a hellofa long journey to eventually reach) .....But something inside me changed when I hit the Kimberley. Granted the heat was oppressive, and there were "Beware of Salty" signs everywhere, both not too commonplace in the world with which I was accustomed. What was this intangible feeling? As I drove from Broome down the remote and vast coastline, I realized I was falling in love. Falling hard.

The sugar white sands of Coral Bay and the kodachrome assortment of corals in the Ningaloo Reef, either of which are simply heart stopping in their beauty. Add in the immense and stunning Indian Ocean and all of it's incredible creatures.....and I was lost. Drowning in my affection for such indescribable allure.

Not to mention the city of Perth. With a metropolitan area of more than two million people, way on the other side of the outback from Sydney, which is 2,045 miles away. Geographically Perth is actually closer to Jakarta, Indonesia (1,865 miles). There’s no city of comparable size anywhere in the world that’s so remote. Stunning in it's mediterranean climate with the magnificent and relatively unknown Swan Valley Wine region to the East and lovely Swan River flanking the South. Fringing Perth's western edge, the extraordinary azure Indian Ocean and miles upon miles of endless beaches. North of this fine city, the incredible Australian Outback for which I had just traveled, in all of it's magnificent glory.

When the opportunity arose back in 2008 to work and live in Coral Bay, I jumped on it. Incredible. Spectacular. Awe-Inspiring. In fact, I encourage EVERYone to get outside their comfort zone and take a job, volunteer, an extreme or unknown location, if only for a short amount of time. It will change your view of the world, forever. Travel my friends, is the BEST education out there.

So here we are, a bit older, a bit wiser, and the opportunity has arisen again. Did I hesitate for a moment? Nope. It is my hope that you will follow my journey and in doing so, get inspired yourself. Our world is simply remarkable. Get out, explore. It doesn't have to be 9,000 miles away ( literally ) like this next phase in my can simply be a visit to the next town down the road, exploring a new form of art, a culturally diverse meal. Let me tell you however, the world is waiting for you with open arms. Go. Enjoy. Learn. There are many inexpensive ways to travel. By all means, bring your children too. Need ideas? Have questions? Ask! I am here to encourage you to explore our world.

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