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#WAWA Tour 2017

Eternal blue skies, endless white sand, sunshine over 330 days per year. Pretty much sums up WA. Well ok, maybe not the WA you know. Washington State and Western Australia are worlds apart and just about as distant as any other locations on earth. As incredibly different as they are, amazingly, they are also very much the same. Both surrounded by water and by locals who have a sense of adventure embracing the outdoors. Incredible marine life and stunning scenery. I absolutely love them both.

With a number of inquiries on how many of you can explore this Land Down Under, I have created the #WAWA Tour, for the beginning of August this year. The height of summer for Washington, and for winter in Oz. Beginning in Perth and ending in Broome, 3 weeks of - rock your world- experiences. An itinerary you can literally not get anywhere else on the planet. A private tour led by someone who knows both the Washington State world and the Western Australian one and who can integrate them both seamlessly.

Depending on the arrival of your flight into Perth, you will have the afternoon to recover from your long flight, after being picked up from the airport. The capital of Western Australia and the only city of any significant size, Perth is a beautiful metropolis, flanked by the Swan and Canning Rivers as well as the Indian Ocean. We will spend day one, getting over jet lag ( you will be 16 hours ahead of your friends back at home) and take the train into Fremantle, 30 minutes from what we would call "downtown" and what Aussies call the CBD ( Central Business District). A fabulous community rather like Ballard, with many water based businesses, lots of great eclectic shops, where both food and drink prevail. Day two brings us to cruising the Swan River, visiting wineries, spotting dolphins, while pretty much enjoying what locals consider just ordinary everyday occurrences. Day three we meet Pete West of Sandgroper Tours and get to know our mode of transportation for the next 17 days, a bells and whistles 4 wd touring bus.

Heading North we will hit Nambung National Park, also known as the Pinnacles. We will canoe the Murchison River and spend time exploring Kalbarri and it's magnificent red rock. Accommodation will be a mix of road houses, stations and you a feel for the real outback and how truly remote and desolate this region is. Roos and Emus will be part of everyday. Though only mid 60's in Perth, as we head towards the Tropic of Capricorn, daily temps will be in the mid 80's. Arriving at our first UNESCO World Heritage site, we will explore Hamelin Pools, visit Shell Beach, spend time with an Aboriginal guide, explore Francois Peron National Park and interact with Dolphins. Three days spent in Shark Bay are not nearly enough, but will give you a taste of this vast and remote landscape.

Continuing this adventure brings us to Carnarvon for the evening, before heading into our next World Heritage site, the Ningaloo Reef and it's tiny hamlet Coral Bay. Whatever you have heard about the Great Barrier Reef, this is 1000 times better. With your own personal aquarium, aka, Bill's Bay; this is the longest fringe reef in the world. All you have to do is get in the water, a mere few steps from your room, and begin interacting with countless species of coral and marine life. With 60 hours to swim with the majestic Manta Ray and if you have the stomach for it, Humpback Whales. Turtles, Dugongs, Reef Sharks, Dolphins....all the norm for tours in the this awe inspiring marine habitat. Many people, including myself, believe this to be the nirvana of aquatic and remote adventures.

Though winter here in the Land Down Under, it will only get a bit hotter as we continue driving North, visiting Karijini , Marble Bar and Tom Price. Swimming in remote waterholes and gazing at skies filled with more stars than you ever imagined. This is a rugged and beautiful landscape which is as equally stunning as the Grand Canyon and Moab combined. Nights will be "chilly", and the flora and fauna will be spectacular. Eventually landing in Broome to experience the Stairway to the Moon and take a Camel ride along the beach. Departing from Broome you are welcome to spend more time back in Perth, or visit Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Like the US, these cities are diverse and are all equally charming in their own right. Not being a fan of crowds and enjoying being off the beaten track, Western Australia is where my heart lay.

With a bus full of local wine and beer, snacks and various items to keep you will have both an American and Aussie tour guide, both who know each country quite well. This all inclusive tour** is set to be unlike anything you could put together on your own. At $6400 per person US, it will be your adventure of a lifetime. I can guarantee you will fall in love with this remote and rugged landscape and be truly saddened to return home. Please join our FB event page to stay up to date and ask specific questions pertaining to the tour. All ages are welcome with a maximum of 12 persons available. I will be in the Seattle area this coming late June if you would like a one on one explanation of trip. 50% deposit due by June 30th. If trip does not gain a minimum of 8 attendees, we have the right to cancel with full reimbursement of deposit. Remaining funds due July 15th. No, you don't have to be from the greater Seattle area...all are welcome.

** personal gifts and purchases, food outside of daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, trip insurance and flight to Perth and from Broome, NOT included in tour price. Please inquire for best flight options.


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