Destination Broome

Far from anywhere, in a sweltering landscape of deep ochre earth and vibrant blue waters, you find the Pearling Capital of the world. A place Jack Sparrow would be proud of. With a tidal range of 18 meters (do the math folks, this is HUGE), the largest on the planet, Broome is a place of extremes. A place where Croc’s are common and extraordinary artwork prevails.

As a destination in it’s own right, or a way station in your quest to find further adventure along the Dampier Peninsula or vast Kimberley Outback, Broome has something for everyone. Ride a Camel during an awe inspiring sunset along Cable Beach, zip through the Horizontal Falls , walk on Dinosaur tracks. Learn how to Pearl Farm or catch the largest Barramundi you thought possible.

It is best to hire a 4-wd vehicle for this expansive area in the North West corner of the Land Down Under...but you can always take the town shuttle bus which runs regularly from China Town to Cable Beach and back again. Taxis are a plenty as well. Don't expect much in the way of wi-fi, but with all the beauty which surrounds you, surely playing on your phone will be the last thing you want to do. Flying here is easy on Qantas from Perth or any number of cities along the East Coast. The Visitor Center here is amazing! They will literally book all of your adventures for you, like having a personal concierge.

Though 90 minutes South of Broome proper, the Ramada Eco Beach Resort is your ideal accommodation. No worries on vehicle hire, they have a shuttle from the airport. Even on the hottest days, the safari tents, which overlook the ocean, have a lovely breeze and afford a cozy stay in overly comfortable bedding and outback luxury. If tent camping is not your style, than an air - conditioned chalet might be more up your alley. With kitchenettes, separate bedrooms and lovely private decks, these are the ideal of off grid living. Self sustaining from Solar Power, this eco lodge has miles and miles of endless white sand beaches, yoga every morning, a spa, local indigenous interpreter, infinity pool and did I mention, an incredible kitchen whipping up some amazing meals. Would you like to kayak your way down the coast? Perhaps fish from shore? Explore caves? Wander Jacks Creek? The world is your oyster. Be sure to let Jess know that Una sent you.

So enjoy some of the most glorious sunsets on the planet. Relax over a pint or two at the local brewery. Learn about the local culture. This is a world you don't encounter everyday, but will leave you aching for more.

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