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fərvər/ intense and passionate feeling.

Which quite coincidentally can also be used as a descriptor for Paul Iskov the creator of the Western Australian food pop-up, also conveniently named Fervor. Young, charismatic, with a fresh look at how food should be eaten and served, whilst only being a handful of years old. Fervor's team of extraordinarily creative young minds can be found discussing their next event with a newly engaged couple at 9 am, to free diving at noon for crabs and then discussing menu and recipe techniques that arvo with local aboriginal elders.

Serendipity plays a big part of how this concept has taken off, and it all began with a dream.

Thirty - Four years young, Yoda, as he is affectionately called by his mates, grew up in the Shire of Busselton, just south of Perth. Always fond of eating and kitchen creations, Paul set off on a 34 country, culinary journey, interning at some of the finest restaurants to be found. Learning and growing his insatiable curiosity, often simply just being at the right place at the right time, young Yoda worked under various chefs in fine dining establishments around the globe, with names like Coi, Noma, and The Test Kitchen. By 2012 when he returned to the Land Down Under, he was inspired to create his own concept of native and indigenous ingredient only menu's, to be served in very small, intimate pop-up venues around the state.

Beginning with a 6 course dinner for 26 people, in the Margaret River, back in 2013, to serving larger venues like Gourmet Escapes as recently as last month.....Fervor has become the must have ticket for residents and those visiting, Australia's most remote lands. From the incredible rock formations of the Pinnacles Desert to the pink salt lakes near Albany, from Kalbarri to Karijini, you too can indulge in an intimate gathering of food harvested earlier that day. With these remote settings, plan on no more than 30 participants, spectacular views, as well as in depth local history on the location and how each item on the menu was sourced. With 5 to 6 courses paired with local wine, beer or spirits, you are sure to walk away feeling satisfied. It may not surprise you to know, people are talking. Events sell out quickly, so be sure to get on their subscriber list to partake in the upcoming Bungle Bungle's or Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef opportunities: NEWSLETTER sign up

Might I add, other's are taking notice as well. Viceland: Action Bronson; a huge name in the world of eating. Paul and his team are, as we speak, getting ready to board an airplane to take them to New York City where they will meet up with Western Australia natives Robert Wood and Chris Gurney; the former writing a cookbook / journal about Paul and the Fervor concept, the latter taking incredible photographs to entice your salivary glands to go into overdrive. Action Bronson will be filming this trio at his Vice studio headquarters. Very exciting stuff. I am humbled to know Paul and his team as well as being delighted to collaborate with Fervor on future events. This is not a meal, this is an adventure which feeds your soul. One which will surely change the way you look at food, giving you a better understanding of the edibles which surround you. I encourage you to follow these incredible entrepreneurs as they continue to carve a niche in the restaurant experience, and if you are truly looking for a world class feast, I look forward to seeing you at a future dining table under the stars. Cheers! Una



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