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Today = 50!

Eighteen thousand, two hundred sixty three days on the planet earth. Crazy! Seems like I was just in grade school just the other day. Though I would like to believe I will be here for another half century, we just never know what's in store. If nothing else, I have learned that life doles out what it wishes, regardless of what you had planned.

Certainly not born with a silver spoon in my mouth; an only child, my father a man of old world ideology and a mom who suffered daily from Epilepsy and the drugs which controlled it. I have been married thrice, yup, you heard me. Three times to three completely different, yet all abusive, manipulative and controlling partners. Though my parents divorced when I was quite young, dysfunctional relationships clearly were set for future adult patterns. My dad officially disowned me when I was in my early 30's and my mom passed away around the same time. I have sadly held the hands of a handful of close friends, including my mom, while they were dying, as well as personally survived many years of incredible pain and eventual surgery.

Yet here I am, 50 years later, with a smile on my face and a skip in my step. Always the optimist, I try to only see good in everything and everyone I come into contact with. Bad things happen to good people. But so do good things. I have the most amazing, intelligent and talented son on the planet (I know, I know...all parents think the same about their children); I have traveled the globe and encountered some of the most incredible places and people you could ever imagine; I have owned and operated a number of successful businesses. No regrets. Ever. This girl would not be the go getter she is today, without having gone through the heartache and trauma of her past.

Stories, yup, I've got those. Happy to entertain a room full of listeners for hours on end. Motivational encouragement for anyone who cares to listen. Little empathy and low tolerance given for those who whine and choose to surrender to the negativity of their lives. I am a firm believer, that you can accomplish anything you put your heart and mind into. Will it be easy? Certainly not. Hard work and passion serve you well.

From a fairy tale childhood growing up in the bucolic Northwest, to the crowded cities of New England; the remote four corners region of Colorado to the blinding cold and dark of Fairbanks, Alaska. An entrepreneur at heart, the whole 9-5 corporate mentality has never sat well with me. Directions I don't follow well, and rules, in my most humble opinion, are designed as guidelines. Do the right thing. Always. Even when nobody is looking. With only a handful of actual relatives and perhaps a few more souls considered close friends, my non conforming nature tends to make me more of a loner than not. Una the enigma who enjoys going to dinner by herself as much as throwing an elegant party for a group of complete strangers. If nothing else, I am happiest making others happy. A firm believer that if each and every one of us did one good deed every day, the world would be a much better place. A smile and kind word for everyone you encounter, this is my religion; treat everyone as you would want to be treated, this is my mantra.

Embrace everyday as if it is your what will the next half century hold? This past week I culled my worldly belongings down to 8 boxes. They are being shipped off to Spain, where I will meet them later this month. My son plans on playing soccer, aka Football, in Europe, so off we will go for more adventures of a lifetime. Being self employed offers flexibility in location. Currently contracted out to promote and educate the masses about the pristine UNESCO World Heritage site of the Ningaloo Reef, so my time is spent between Australia and the rest of the globe anyway, may as well be based where I can continue to grow and learn from a plethora of other languages and cultures.

Though my body is certainly showing signs of wear and tear, I will continue to have the joyful outlook on life as I did at 18. Proud to still giggle like a 9 year old, to laugh and be silly at any given moment on any given day. Life is short.

The atrocities of the globe can be overwhelming. One person can change the world and everyone should try.

A simple smile can begin a domino effect of happiness in your family, on your block, in your city, so on and so forth.

Aspire to be someones inspiration.

This is my goal for the next 50. I would love to hear yours!



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