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Cabo San Lucas

Where the USA oozes it's way into Latin America...I have been traveling Mexico now for going on 3 months; Cabo, by far, wins the award for least Mexican region of Mexico. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just not quite what I expected. It has been a good 30 years since I have been to Baja, and so found myself a bit shocked to see all prices in US dollars. Every other business is owned by an American Expat and just about the entire population speaks English. Certainly not the best grammar on the planet, but akin to my basic conversational Spanish. No judgment here.

Cabo San Lucas is at the most Southern tip of Baja California. There are a variety of towns in this region; Todos Santos the the North West, Los Cabos just East, and La Paz North East, with any number of smaller pueblo's in between. Think of Baja as a finger pointing down from the base of California, with the region just a little shy of 1000 miles from San Diego, USA. The Airport is located about half way between Los Cabos and La Paz, it is modern, clean and easy to navigate. Shuttles can be ordered ahead of time to take you to any one of the communities in the area, with both private and shared transport available. Ranging from $20 to $90 one - way, depending on your travel style.

Los Cabos is more of a resort community, without much of the associated "tourist joints" filled with souvenirs and brightly lit, loud bars, as you will find in Cabo San Lucas. Todos Santos is a laid back art colony filled with surfers and long term residents, while La Paz is full on cosmopolitan city, being the states capital. Regardless of which location suits your fancy, The mighty Pacific Ocean lies due West and the Sea of Cortez due East. Distance between the two, not more than 50 miles at any given point. What does this mean for you? Lots and lots of water activities from fishing to taking a relaxing sunset dinner cruise, with everything in between for the adrenaline junkie to your friend who just wants to relax on the beach.

Hands down, some of the best seafood I have had, anywhere. There is a restaurant called Barra Barra, just a few meters from the beach, with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez and with the most amazing Grilled Octopus I have had in my life. Also a fun note, there is a local Sea Lion named Pancho, which you can view easily from this dining location, he is full of antics and picks boats to catch a lift into town, just about daily. Pancho is quite the legend here locally, you can read more about why, HERE. The streets in Cabo are clean and easy to navigate should you be driving, and the sidewalks are wide and come with accessibility ramps for just about everything. Walkable from one end to the other, with the marina a fabulous navigational tool, it is not easy to get lost here. Winter brings a plethora of migrating whales and temps in the low 80's. Unlike Cancun, taxi's are not needed and being a desert climate, humidity is a rarity. Ahhh the sunsets! The sunrises! Both are amazing and can easily be seen from many parts of town.

Though I arrived just 48 hours after a major tropical storm had hit the area, the local community of both Mexicans and Americans were warm and pleasant to chat with. Many knew of neighbors who had lost everything, some knew of missing families and of those who had lost their lives. Sadly this region is in the annual hurricane path which can hit the area with heavy rains and high winds. Typically however, perhaps because of the high cliffs surrounding the area, most years go by without much incident, other than a few flooded arroyos. If bad weather is to come this way, it would be in the August to October time frame, which is considered quiet season here.

With a plethora of cheap pharmaceuticals you just can't purchase back at home, incredible restaurants, snorkeling, surfing, lounging, catching that once in a lifetime Dorado....and only a few hours flight from the US, Baja California is a sure bet. I found a lovely, clean and cheap hotel just off the Marina for $40 per night, including daily breakfast. Certainly there are many more accommodation arrangements here as well. Something for every price point and family size, regardless if you are a solo traveler or planning a family reunion.

As per the norm, I would be delighted to help you with itineraries or questions you might have about visiting Cabo San Lucas or any of the other incredible towns in Mexico. Feel free to give me a shout:



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