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Mijas Pueblo

There are a lot of amazing locations to stay and see while visiting the Costa del Sol, Mijas however, is my favorite. Just a short ride of 30 minutes from the Málaga airport, up into the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with the city of Fuengerola below.

Pueblos Blancos. There are a number of them within Andalucia, and beautiful they are, with Mijas Pueblo the pièce de résistance. Immaculate cobblestone pathways, blinding white buildings set against green pine mountainsides and the intense azure of the waters below. Donkeys and horse drawn carriage’s line the spotless streets, flowers from every window sill and doorway add to the ambiance; tapas and wine on every corner, each better than the last. Chema’s Wine bar is a favorite with a 3 euro daily special of a glass of wine and a bite to eat. Another fine option is the Museo de Vino which has monthly wine tastings for 15 euro and not only include an eclectic array of tasty local wines, but they are paired with an incredible assortment of tapas plates as well. These wine tastings can easily last 4 – 5 hours with lots of laughter and music. Though you are in Spain, for this event mostly Spanglish is spoken to ensure all participants have an enjoyable experience.

Walk from one end to the other in 20 minutes or less. Stroll while window shopping, and perhaps stop for a glass of sangria and olives; everything locally produced. Sitting along the streets and sidewalks allows for a plethora of people watching and chatting, where complete strangers become friends over a bottle of wine. English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French; you name it, they come in droves to enjoy the sunshine and seemingly endless bucolic weather, as well as a place that easily feels like home. Stay for a week, stay for a month, you will find the charming conversations within a village that embraces you from day one. You can even make your own chocolate while visiting, and never need to go far for a locally produced gelato. Needing a bit more nightlife, shopping options or waterfront? With a bus, which runs just about every 30 minutes ( for a whopping 1.55 !), you can easily access the shoreline, including the train station, which connects you with a number of larger cities along the beach or even to Madrid and the rest of all that Spain has to offer.

Quick and efficient wifi, along with a thriving expat population, makes Mijas a perfect spot for Digital Nomads and those looking to soak up some sun. Several active Facebook communities send out invites practically daily for any number of fun day trips, Spanish language practice, game nights, music, hiking, art classes; for all ages and activity levels. After arriving into the Málaga airport, a quick taxi ride of around 40 euro will bring you up the mountain and into this idyllic village, without the need for a vehicle again, during your stay. It truly seems like the days of yesteryear, when a community feels safe and full of actively engaged members, who smile and say hello. Where folks take time to stop and have a conversation which may last a minute or 3 hours. This may be part of the reason why Spain is now the second most- healthy place on the planet to live, with over 15,000 Centenarians, a good enough reason as any to choose to stay in this Mediterranean paradise for several weeks or months out of the year. Sure it rains on occasion, you have to keep those hills green, but for the most part, this brilliant coastline, is exactly that, sunny and warm during most months out of the year, with cooler temps for 90 days or so, from late November to the early March. Safe, easy to maneuver, charming locals; filled with activities should you choose to participate or not; Mijas Pueblo is a little slice of heaven, a superb location for a family or solo traveler.

Looking forward to seeing you here!

Remember, for those not traveling with an EU passport, you may only be able to spend 90 days out of 180 as Spain is part of the Schengen. Please be sure to read up on your options, I am always happy to help with logistics as well.

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